Adoption Tips

Adoption Tips

My one-of-a-kind collections have a tendency to sell out within a few hours so I've compiled this list of tips and tricks to help you adopt one of my works like a pro!


  • Make an account on my website ASAP. I require accounts because they protect me from fraud and also give you tools to track your orders. 
  • Set an alarm to remind yourself on the day of sale! If I remember to, I like to use the Instagram stories "count-down" function on my phone to help folks know when my sales will occur, but you can also set an alarm 2-10 minutes before the sale to help you be prepared!

  • If you arrive 5-10 minutes early -- place any add-ons of in-stock merch in your cart so you can check-out as soon as the one-of-a-kind inventory is in stock!

  • Refresh the shop page after the designated time and the new inventory should show up. Unlike Etsy, Shopify has a much better system to ensure that no cookies or website glitches will prevent a fair chance at snagging your favorite.

  • If you have not made a purchase from my shop before, your shipping and payment information will not be saved - at this time there is no way to add that prior to your first purchase. So you make a small purchase the day of the anticipated sale to lock this information in, I can combine/refund extra shipping charges.

    • If you have used "Shopify Pay" before I do believe your payment/address information is saved within that system. You will only need the pass code sent to your phone to checkout efficiently in that case, I believe. However, it may not be the fastest option.


I release previews of the works I am planning to sell on my Patreon, E-mail Newsletter, Facebook Groups, and Instagram (generally in that order of priority.)


Good luck, and have fun!