Fan Art Policy

Fan Art Policy

FAN ART - DO's and DON'T's

So you want to make some Funguise fanart -- THAT'S GREAT!!

And I'm so excited to see it!

However I ask that you please abide by these simple rules:

  1. TAG ME (@WkdWest) on any social media you share the fan art to.
    This is so I can see and enjoy your art, as well as repost it in my stories to share it with other enthusiasts of my brand and work. NOTE THAT I WILL NOT REPOST ANY FAN ART TO MY INSTAGRAM FEED OR FACEBOOK PAGES WITHOUT YOUR EXPLICIT PERMISSION.

  2. But do not harass me to share your fan art. It really sours the moment when someone starts to beg for my attention. Let me enjoy sharing your work because I enjoy it, not because you want a signal boost, ok?

  3. Any medium is ok - yes, even including sculpture! I encourage artists to explore and seek inspiration so if you feel the calling to sculpt, and by god I can't literally bind your hands to stop you. But please pay attention to the next rule very carefully...

  4. YOU MAY NOT SELL ANY FUNGUISE FAN ART. This should go without saying, but I want to be very clear about it. No 2D, 3D, digital or other works of fan art may be sold. Any commercial use of my intellectual property/designs will be met with a cease and desist letter and additional legal actions as necessary.

Aside from that, have fun!

My rules are very simple: share the fan art but don't sell any.

If you can handle that, we're gonna be quick friends. ;)



But if my copyrights and/or trademarks are being infringed upon I can and will take the legal action necessary to protect these assets.  Use common sense and you'll be fine.