About the Artist

About the Artist

Brenda West has been enchanting people with her art ever since she discovered polymer clay in early childhood. Inspired by her favorite books and video games, she first developed her skills by making custom animal figurines for her friends and family. 

Brenda’s desire to create has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, manifesting itself in the form of self-published comics, trading cards, handmade toys, and graphic design. Unfortunately, her work became so popular that it was deemed a “significant distraction” and consequently banned from school in the 5th grade.

Suddenly lacking the platform to share her work in person she redirected her passion into digital art where she also began exploring the magic of worldbuilding. Much of her teen years were devoted to an online brand of “pixel pets” that she sold for digital currency on her favorite website. Years later, she would realize that this hobby had actually provided valuable experience for her future business.

After a long period of confusion and self-doubt fostered by the false but popular belief that "art can’t pay the bills," Brenda discovered Twitch.tv where she connected with several self-employed artists. Building friendships with these professionals inspired her to once again pursue her passion under her newly adopted identity as “Wicked West.”





"Wicked West" on her traveling wagon pulled by Jack the magical cat.
Art by Jayel Draco of Oneshi Press


Wicked West is a sculptor currently living in the Pacific Northwest. Her work is inspired by magic, mushrooms, and the mossy forests of her backyard. She is most commonly known for her Funguise figurines.

Returning to the medium she’s been enamored with since childhood, Wicked normally works in polymer clay and acrylic paint. However, she has also experimented with resin casting, ink illustration, watercolor and textile art to bring the Funguise to life in various forms.

Wicked discovered these cheeky creatures in April 2018 and has been in love with them ever since. Exploring the depth and wonders of mycology has been one of the greatest unexpected side-effects of this growing body of work.

She is currently developing a 4-volume zine series titled the "Field Guide to Funguise Friends" which will illuminate some details of the fantasy world they inhibit.

When she isn’t making art, Wicked loves to read, travel, and cuddle with her Tuxedo Cat, Jack.