1. When will more figurines be in stock???

I'm the sole artist behind WkdWest | Wicked West, and I hand-sculpt + hand-paint all of my figurines! Unfortunately, that means production is sometimes slower than the demand. My original figurine collections often sell out in a few hours.

To prepare for the next release, I suggest you read my BLOG POST HERE about Adoption Tips!

You can follow my progress on the next collection by checking out my Instagram, Patreon, or Twitch.tv Channel! 


2. Do you make custom figurines?

Yes! However, as of January 2019 I do not take them via random emails/direct messages, nor do I build a wait-list. Custom Figurines are ONLY available for purchase through first-come first-serve listings in my shop.

The prices of my custom slots vary by complexity of the job, and occasionally fluctuate depending on the demand. If I do not have much time for customs I will restrict the quantities to ensure a reasonable order to ship time.

Please be aware that I will NOT make reproductions of someone else's custom order.


3. Can I reserve a figurine I've seen you post on Instagram?

I'm sorry but I do NOT accept reservations for my figurines in any form.

I like my shop updates to be fair to all the participants new and old collectors alike! Part of the fun is the frenzy of trying to score a specific figurine. I moved all limited-inventory products like figurines to Shopify to make this experience fair to all.

HOWEVER, as of January 2020 I've added a special tier on my Patreon which offers the closest thing to a "reservation" I've ever allowed in a limited manner. A pledge to the $25+ Funguise Fanatic tier will give you access to a SECRET COLLECTION in my store that gives early-access to all new merch AND a selection of figurines normally on hold for my physical retailers/galleries. This tier is LIMITED to 4 individuals per month.


4. Do you have payment plans?

At this time I am not offering any sort of payment plans, sorry.


5. Do you ever have sales or offer discounts?

I occasionally distribute coupons to repeat customers, hold sales for special occasions, or share discount codes in my Facebook group: Funguise Friends. The best ways to find available discounts are by joining that group, signing up for my mailing list, and/or checking my stories on Instagram! 


6. Do you sell any of your work in galleries or through brick-and-mortar retailers?

I am open to both of these opportunities! Some of my products are more suitable for wholesale than others depending on the terms of the gallery/retail space.

Feel free to contact me to discuss this in detail: contact@wkdwest.com


7. Do you sell your work in person at local markets, artist alleys or other events?

It's a goal of mine to sell my work more often in person. However, I'm still in the groove of finding my business' identity, style, and mostly inventory management (I can't seem to build stock fast enough!!)

In the future I would love to make more in-person appearances, and I'll definitely talk about them when I do!

Can I put my figurines in my outdoor or indoor garden?

At this time the materials I work in are not recommend for outdoor decoration or being placed in areas of prolonged exposure to moisture or sunlight!

I've run some tests and harsh, direct sunlight will fade the colors, and constant moisture will eventually eat through the water-based varnish. They do make excellent additions to shady indoor gardens, shelves, or desks though. 


9. What if my figurine breaks?

 In most cases, repairs to broken figurines can be done with super glue. However, I might be able to offer more advice for your specific situation. Feel free to contact me.

If your figurine arrives broken, we can negotiate an appropriate response based on the situation. Otherwise, I do not offer refunds, so please treat your figurines with proper care to ensure their longevity. 

I've written a full BLOG POST HERE about caring for your figurines.


10. What materials do you use?

My original figurines are all sculpted out of polymer clay and painted with mixed brand acrylics. I use water-based polyurethane to varnish and protect the paint. Some of them have armatures made of wire and tin foil. Occasionally I work with epoxy clay for thin or fine details.

I also make products with resin, fabric, watercolor, etc... Please read the full product descriptions for the exact material details of each listing.


11. I want to learn how to make art like this! Will you teach me?

I share my process in a variety of places. In addition to the occasional process video I post on Instagram, and the detailed blogs I write on my Patreon, you can actually watch me work LIVE in REAL-TIME on my Twitch.tv channel!!

Although my live streams are not intended as follow-along tutorials, I'm happy to talk with my viewers about art, life, business, and I don't mind explaining why or what I am doing as I'm doing it. Come hang out with us sometime!

<< At this time I don't have a regular streaming schedule, they're kind of spontaneous! >>


12. How do you price your work?

Firstly, every artist has a different method for this. For me, it starts with a formula of my time+materials*(% to cover retail expenses and account for profit). However, each variable has it's own sub-formula and additional factors to consider such as size and level of detail.

I used google, read books on small business, and spoke to other artists to build my method.


13. Can I make and/or sell Funguise fanart?

I've written a full BLOG POST HERE  but here's the short answer: 

I encourage Funguise fanart (in all mediums) but I have a few requests:

  • Please link back to me @WkdWest on any social media platform that you share your artwork on! This is not only to give me proper acknowledgement but I also really want to see it!!

  • BUT PLEASE DO NOT SELL ANY FUNGUISE FANART. It is harmful to my small business to profit on my ideas and designs. I will enforce my trademark and copyrights and take legal action when necessary.

  • An excellent place to share your fanart is on my Facebook fan group: Funguise Friends! Consider joining and contributing to the community!

Thank you for respecting these requests, I can't wait to see what you make!


14. Why do you add ™/® to your listings???

Funguise is a bonafied trademark of Wicked West LLC. Infringement of this trademark will be met with legal action.

Additionally, all images and text on this website, are the copyrighted intellectual property of Brenda West (WkdWest, Wicked West), unless otherwise stated. 

Purchasing my products do NOT transfer any copyrights, and does NOT give you license to reproduce them, or use any of my product images. If you need to, you can contact me to ask for my explicit permission. I reserve the right to deny  requests for any reason!


If you notice my images being used on any social media account or website that is NOT linked directly from this website please report them, take screenshots with time/date stamps, and PLEASE CONTACT ME RIGHT AWAY!!

Unfortunately, intellectual property theft is increasingly common on the internet - especially on certain websites - but that doesn't make it ok and I appreciate the help spotting/reporting any fraudulent activity.



Have a question that isn't answered here? Send me an email!